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The Community We Weave Together

MamaRoars began as a small business opened by a creative young mother, and then exploded to include the entirety of the States and the rest of the world in its customer base. The growing community and steady supporters of MamaRoars all believe in one thing, and just one thing – It is our responsibility to give back to nature that nurtures us. With great consistency in the quality of our products, we form lifelong relations with everyone who has ever made a purchase.

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Saving honey bees

Perhaps our most encouraging and inspiring action was our “save the bees” campaign where with every purchase made by a customer, a percentage of the payment for the order goes to a non-profit organization that works around the clock to save our honey bees. In doing so, we have indirectly saved thousands of plants, fruits and other animals since they all rely on bees for pollination.

The footprint we leave behind

Converting one family at a time to go eco-friendly, MamaRoars has certainly left its mark all around the world by severely cutting down the amount of waste disposed of carelessly, globally, annually. Even a single reusable cotton paper towel roll may stop the purchase of up to eighty disposable paper towel rolls, which in turn will save a peaceful tree somewhere from being cut down! Through our relentless hard work and painstakingly handmade products, we were able to spread a message that stands like a beacon of bright light in the dark ocean of people, households and entire cities dumping tons of harmful waste into the very environment that supports us.

How loud is our message

By encouraging just one person to ditch disposable, polluting everyday products, we have formed a chain of enlightened people that spread the miraculous message like a white dove carrying a note, deep into the hearts of people who were not aware of just how much their day to day perfectly normal activities such as wiping a face with disposable paper towels, kills our planet just a little bit each time. We were able to better reach out to every corner around the world thanks to our website and online shop. In running our business over the internet, people from outside the States gained the opportunity to be waste-free and benefit the immediate environment around them by using our cotton, biodegradable products.


Besides sharing our fabulous products that are addictive to use, from time to time we organize activities in order to give back to the very community that helped us grow. During the dark times of the pandemic, we have donated over a thousand handmade masks that will replace plastic, harmful disposable masks that we buy off the shelves.

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