Our Story

It started with a mom sewing reusable cloth wipes for her babies  

 and, has now developed into a successful brand that has replaced thousands of plastic bags and paper towels! 🌎

Hi, I'm Nikki.


As a young mom with a large family, I wanted to find ways to reduce our  consumption and waste.  I have always loved to design and create.  I was originally taught to sew at the age of 16, by my very talented grandma Audrey.  This amazing woman has created hundreds of quilts and blankets in her lifetime, all donated to NICU babies and those in need.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to learn many skills from her.

So, my first project became blankets for my little ones, and quickly turned into cloth diapers and wipes!  As my children grew, I added reusable bags and napkins for lunches and on the go.

MamaRoars was born out of a need to find quality and planet friendly alternatives to wasteful baby wipes, paper towels and plastic baggies.  From the beginning, I knew that I wanted the products I made to be affordable, easy and fun to use, while making a positive impact on our environment.

For the past 8 years, MamaRoars has helped families and communities think and act greener by replacing thousands of plastic bags and paper towels with zero-waste alternatives.  MamaRoars products give back to the Earth with every use.



 We Give Back 🌎

Giving back comes naturally.  MamaRoars donates proceeds from your order to multiple non-profit organizations such as One Tree Planted, and Operation Honey Bee.

#savethebees with our Signature Collection

Every purchase from this collection donates to Operation Honey Bee!

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😷 MamaRoars is proud to have donated over a thousand handmade masks to our local community! 😷



                                      Our Community

MamaRoars reusable goods have become best sellers!

Our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Star Etsy Shop has sold thousands of reusable bags and cloth wipes to eco-friendly consumers worldwide. 🌎

We are so thankful for our social community that grows bigger everyday! Because, we know that every single person who uses one of our products , is committed to reducing their waste and plastic consumption and playing a role in saving our planet. 🌍


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