Frequently Asked Question

Most of MamaRoars products are entirely made of organic cotton. MamaRoars’ paper towels are made of cotton flannel and lined with cotton terry cloth. MamaRoars’ reusable zipper bags are made of organic cotton with a waterproof, food safe PUH liner. MamaRoars’ sponges are 100% cotton.

MamaRoars was created when the need to save the environment was woven together with creative, passionate sewing skills. It is MamaRoars’ firm belief that it is our responsibility to look after our home planet, thus encouraging the use of biodegradable cotton to form reusable products.

MamaRoars products are completely biodegradable. Upon disposing of, they will soon become part of the soil that nurtures plants and trees.

MamaRoars products are designed to last long and be reusable with no quality deteriorations upon washing. However, nothing lasts forever. The lifetime of the products your purchase greatly rely on the way you use them and the conditions they are exposed to. Regardless, it is worth noting that our zipper bags have been reported to last up to eight years with proper use and care!

MamaRoar’s zipper bags can be machine washed with cold water and air dried or tumble dried low. Ensure to leave the zipper open while machine washing your zipper bag.

Zipper bags can be frozen without any issues but cannot withstand high temperatures. Kindly refrain from heating your zipper bag in the oven or microwave.

MamaRoars has a return policy that allows products to be returned and refunded within 7 days of purchase. Be sure to check your products on time and visit our returns and refunds page for further instructions.

We are proud to announce that MamaRoars products can be shipped anywhere around the globe upon ordering. However, international shipping costs may vary depending on your location.

MamaRoars accepts all major credit cards and PayPal

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