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5 reasons why Reusing & Repurposing is better than Recycling

5 reasons why Reusing & Repurposing is better than recycling 




We have all heard the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” 
Recycling has been over-praised throughout the years. While it’s fantastic that we have found ways to break down our waste and create something with the recycled materials, it still requires a lot of energy. If we simply recycle everything, we are likely using new resources each time.  
In short, it’s better than sending everything to the landfill. But recycling shouldn’t be our main thought in helping the environment. For individuals and families wanting to care for the planet, reusing and repurposing should be a main goal. Recycling should be a last option, just before the garbage can. 
Reusing and Repurposing should always be our first thought in reducing our waste. 
1) It uses less energy. 
Recycling is energy intensive. Plastics have to be heated, melted and reconstructed into whatever they will become. There is energy used every time we recycle something, which makes little sense when many glass products and jars could just be reused. 
2) It’s less expensive. 
When we are recycling, it means we are buying new stuff, which costs us and the planet more! We can reuse items like grocery bags, paper, boxes, wrapping paper and packing materials. We can also buy used items. Cars, computers, devices etc. And save money, as well as conserve resources and prevent waste. 
3) It causes less or no pollution 
Because recycling requires so much energy, it comes with its own share of pollution. Items are made to be useful. Especially for clothing items, that come with great environmental expense. The cotton industry is rough on the planet.  
4) It’s people friendly 
Jars can be upcycled into gifts. Clothing can be donated or passed on to neighbors. Replaced electronics can be donated. Reusing and repurposing is a great way to avoid creating waste. 
5) It’s more responsible 
Recyclable goods have become an excuse to continually buy new plastics. Reusing and repurposing helps us retain more control of the waste we create. When we reuse and repurpose, we are more likely to reduce our consumption.  
The purpose of this blog isn’t to say we shouldn’t ever recycle, but we could certainly do better. Shopping at Goodwill or other secondhand stores is a great way to get into reusing and repurposing. Donating your goods to them is also a great was to avoid creating waste. 
I love to repurpose goods like fabrics, knit sweaters, buttons and décor in my sewing and crafts.  
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